We document our projects
Being agile and efficient
3 September, 2018 durch
We document our projects
Juan Carlos Gamboa Marín


Having more than 7 software-based products and services on the market that include a large number of modules that run on a mobile device or desktops, services that run on multiple servers on the Internet, it is difficult to keep all software up to date, when everything is integrated, so we can enjoy keeping the documentation up to date, to know what should be done and can be changed without affecting the integrated modules throughout the eco-system, allowing us to remain in the market.

As part of the global team of SAV Solutions, the projects we deal with have many degrees of complexity and are developed in different and different contexts, so being able to quickly know how one or all of the projects are going, it would be difficult to have everything in your memory. short term of each member of the team or in the long term of very few, when market conditions change rapidly and locate each person globally represents at times an interesting challenge. Have clear and concrete repositories that help us maintain our level of agility.

This is why since the team works in different parts of the world or meetings are held in some specific physical locations, having all the documents that go from the business case, the project management documents, the software engineering documents and software architecture gives us the freedom we want to have, to carry out our activities without having to be aware of a call or video call or a last minute message in which they say "Hey, I need information quickly from the XXXXX project, to be able to perform some changes requested by a client "," The committee is going to meet at the start of tomorrow and we lack your information ".

Now we can take time to work and enjoy our personal hobbies, to share with people with whom we like to be and enjoy life, have fun with what happens in the world. That is the goal that we all seek to achieve, but that apparently few achieve.

We at SAV Solutions use Visual Paradigm as one of our key tools in the process of software development and project management using either TOGAF, Just in Time, PMBOK, SCRUM, UX User Experience, UI User Interface, establish the guidelines of the tests that are related to the production of digital content and software, integration with the development tools such as Android Studio, Netbeans, Visual Studio, which allows what is written in the source code of the software to keep the engineering documents updated , If you want in SAV Solutions we can sell you the licenses of use of Visual Paradigm for your personal and / or business use, so that it is part of the toolbox that you or your company uses to be more agile and productive.

We also use ODOO as a comprehensive business management tool that in our opinion is clear that a company is more than selling and producing products and services, it allows the control of payments, suppliers, customers, human resources, project management, strategy management marketing, document management, budget, accounting, communication with the work team and modules that cover the needs of the other areas of the company. SAV Solutions can advise you on how you can adopt this great tool in your company.

Every day we register the necessary information so that our ship (company) with which we sail the seas of the market is always in good condition and afloat to reach many cities on the planet (+ 155 countries).

We use continuous integration systems and information systems for the management of projects that use methodology as wide as those proposed by the PMI, so every activity that we develop is recorded day by day as a fact in the VISUAL PARADIGM platform either on the web or in the desktop application which synchronizes information in the cloud, which allows us to work from any city on the planet earth for now, then we will do it in space missions, so when a team member requires the information to be taken there using the PULL technician, in addition if we must attend the meetings we already have the necessary graphics and details for the project reports and thus be able to make the most accurate decisions, inform all those involved in the project. 

Because yes, nothing better than arriving and leaving a meeting, quiet knowing that everything was done and that we are going to do what we like, if we have to do what we dislike.

In addition something that is very important to take into account, technical debt, quality, diagrams and documents are internal issues within our companies, which should be included in the final price paid by the client, because he does not want or want have the plan of your home is part of our duty to have it ready, so that we in an organized way we can do our work in an agile, correct and concerted so that after a few months or more we can make changes in what is required and we know where the changes should be made with certainty, because the products and services evolve from a base, because the products and services that are created must have a high quality based on our own criteria, the market standards and what the client must comply with what we do.

Remember that the products and services that we create become our internal work tools, so it is best to create it with the highest possible level and document everything you do to learn and improve in each version of the product or service that we provide to the market.

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We document our projects
Juan Carlos Gamboa Marín 3 September, 2018
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