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La descarga la realizara a través de la tienda de aplicaciones, esta ficha se ha realizado por motivos de soporte e información para nuestros clientes


2,000+ users use I Am aive to feel better day by day.

From this moment you can feel better using I am alive, it is easy, agile and fun.

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Analyze how you advance, to achieve your goals

To reach your goals you must know your progress in each area of your life, it is for this reason that here you can see the record of all the reasons that have led you to be where you are at this moment.

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Learn more about your contacts

Many of your contacts can be in different parts of the planet, so here we show where they are so you can help them or they can help you if required.

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Communicate what you feel

For the people of your support groups you are a very important person, that is why knowing how you feel in every aspect of your life is of vital imporantacy, in addition that you can relieve yourself adequately using this magnificent tool, it helps you to overcome your problems and reach your goals..

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Communicate what you feel

Take this opportunity to solve your problems, the problems of your family and friends, communicating what you feel

Hello my friend (a) welcome you knew that in some moments it is difficult to communicate what we feel day to day to other people, because there are many reasons that we use and that many people are unaware, to make our own decisions, it is for this reason that many people mistakenly judge other people. For this reason and more reasons, we created [I Am Alive] to help people communicate what they feel in many moments of their life to other people in an easy way, while they solve their problems and reach their goals.

Using [I Am Alive] you can easily communicate with your friends, family and loved ones, in a cheerful and fun way. this way you will feel accompanied, supported, you will achieve your goals, you will be the best in all the activities of your life.

+ You can add all the contacts you want, invite all your friends, family and professionals to use [I Am Alive] to add them to each support group, to communicate with them through video calls, phone calls, text messages, messages to your email account, which you do while using [I Am Alive], to be able to grow together.

+ The information requested at the time of filling out the registration form allows you to communicate with your support groups. the mandatory information is to give use to the tool and the optional one so that you can send it to your friends or family in case of an emergency, as established when filling the registration form



We are here to support you in all the moments of your life

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If you are a mom or a dad you need to install and use [I Am Alive] on your mobile devices and on your children's mobile devices, to communicate with them, so you can know what they feel, what they think and how they are, so that you can continue to provide support to the beings that you love most, for which you would give your life.

Analyze how your children, your spouse, your family, your friends, and the life they live manage, this analysis includes: emotions, feelings, finances, sports, nutrition and many more, to ensure that family and friends support and grow strong and healthy.


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If you are a professional in any profession, install and enjoy this wonderful tool, know the status of your clients and provide them with support, using your knowledge and providing them with the products and services that benefit them, so that you also receive support and blessing.

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If you are a leader or area manager in a company or community, you can know how people feel under your responsibility and you can define the activities you can do with them, to achieve the benefit of everyone and increase levels of happiness and productivity of the company and in the community, allowing the people under your responsibility to feel supported..  

From now on it will be easier to communicate what you feel using I Am Alive.

Download the application at this time and activate your subscription.

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Do you want to know: how to use this magnificent tool?

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How does [I Am Alive] work?

[I Am Alive] is a tool that through the different rooms you can enter, you can build and strengthen your support network based on the information you share about the different aspects of your life: health, emotions, academic study, economics; which you can share with your family, friends, professionals in the economy, health, sports and other professions.

It shows people in the world that you are alive and that you can also support them. .



It is a group of people who support you in your work, accompany you, are in your happy moments, challenging, difficult, sad or companion, so you can meet your goals.
Within your support groups may be health professionals, such as psychologists, doctors, economists, physical trainers, teachers and others that you consider necessary to provide support.


Using the application is quite easy, you must first perform a registration within the application when trying to access the application. Select the Register me option that is under the password box.

There you see a window where you request basic information that allows you to identify yourself in front of the application and will allow that in case of emerge the people who assist or support you know your information and know how to communicate with you, which should be taken into account when wishing to support you. Most of the information is optional, the only information required corresponds to the name with which the application will recognize you and the email account used to identify you in front of your friends or family.

In the same way you can establish what information you want to share with the members of your support groups.

* The information you put on this form is stored on your mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) so it is your responsibility to take care of it.

** The information can be shared in case of emergency or very personal cases with your consent or in legal proceedings as established by the laws of your country. (Normally each country tends to the information of each user is private)

*** The information requested as optional in the registration form is stored on your device, since it is your property and you are the one who dedicates it to share it. This tool is designed and created to support people, rather than causing inconvenience is why you can use it with confidence.


You can place all the contacts you consider necessary, the storage limitation is given by the capacity of your iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone.
Try to have the largest number of support members to achieve your goals. Remember that it is the people in your circles of friends, family and certified professionals who are with you in the good and challenging moments of life, the ones you are going to include in your support network I AM LIVE.


To register what you feel on the server, just touch each image that appears on the screen while you are in the reflection room, remember that these images only appear while the reflection room screen is active.

At the moment you touch an image with one of the facial expressions presented there, a list is displayed, within which you can see more facial expressions, which represent the stages of each state or aspect of the human being; Touch the image that corresponds to the situation you live in this aspect of your life.

Once the facial expression has been selected, the information will be transmitted to the central server so that your members of the support network know about your current situation. This same activity must also be done by all members of your support network so that you know their situation.


All users who wish to share their states must use the application in order to be able to support each other. You can also have contacts that without using the I AM LIVE application, they can be on your list so that you can communicate using the means available in the application according to your needs.

It is convenient that all your contacts have installed and use the I AM ALIVE application, remember that it is to create a support network and they as human beings also need to have support to feel accompanied as you accomplish your goals, so recommend everyone to use the application I AM LIVE on your devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).


When you pay for subscriptions, you can use functions that are beyond the free use we provide of various services, as you perform an analysis of how you feel and how you feel in a time range of completion.
You can inform your friends and family how you feel so they can come and help you in case you need it.
You can make video calls, phone calls, sending short messages and via email to the contacts you have classified in your support groups.
Inform about many more emergencies that arise in your life and you must solve them as soon as possible.
In addition to contributing to the development of more functions than you as our client, you can receive.


Obligatory and Acceptance of the terms and conditions

Through this document, SAV SOLUTIONS establishes the terms and conditions of operation of the "I Am Alive" application and determines the way in which each user relates to it. The mere use of the application or the services that it puts at your disposal, any of them, is considered an express acceptance of each of the clauses that follow this and the personal data protection policy; If you do not agree with the use granted or the service offered, please refrain from using and installing this application.

Responsible for the provision of the service.

SAV SOLUTIONS, is the owner of the copyright patrimonial rights derived from the application "I Am Alive" and is the one in charge of providing each of the services offered through that. In case there is a problem with the use of the application or you wish to make a suggestion, please send an email to soporte@savsolutions.co.


"I'm Alive": It consists of the piece of software (application) that SAV SOLUTIONS facilitates a person to improve their habits of life through the issuance of recommendations and the proposal of challenges.

Users: Any person over 4 years of age in the Republic of Colombia and / or in the territory that uses the "I Am Alive" application.

Current Regulations: Refers to the set of regulations in force in the Republic of Colombia.

Technological platform: Consists of a series of pieces of software that SAV SOLUTIONS has created to integrate the pieces of software needed to communicate to people, publish information about challenges, activities, share information about the current status of the user of the "I Am Alive" application with contacts (friends, family, ..) that the user has selected.

Recommendations and challenges: These are suggestions or activities organized and / or developed by the SAV SOLUTIONS team with the purpose of helping users improve their lives, overcome their personal challenges and achieve the personal goals established by them.

Services offered.

The application "I'm alive" offers a communication service between people who support each other, using clear criteria in areas such as: health, economy, emotions, feelings, sports, academia, food, which are represented by means of illustrations, to facilitate the understanding by the user, which shows the state of each person (how they feel) in each moment of their life.

Guidance aimed at improving healthy habits through the generation of recommendations and challenges that allow them to feel alive and benefit their environment and the community where they live.

The application seeks to motivate the decision making that allows the user to improve their life and based on it the health and lifestyle that it takes, based on their economic, academic, nutritional, sports, emotional, sentimental, as well as to maintain a firm and wider connection with your support group (friends, family, ...) that allows you to strengthen as a person.

However, it is necessary that before following the guidelines indicated by the application, consult your doctor or specialized professional and make sure that taking into account your personal physical, mental, financial, academic, and sports health can implement the recommendations which is done through "I'm Alive".

If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by the "I'm Alive" application or in resolving any concerns regarding its operation, write to soporte@savsolutions.co to be able to have the pleasure of serving you.

Services not offered by this application.

The "I Am Alive" application has not been developed with the purpose of totally replacing the intervention of specialized medical personnel, much less with the intention of replacing the work of professionals in more areas of knowledge. Under no circumstances can be understood that the use of the application involves the provision and / or reception of a medical service or the issuance of concepts from professionals in medicine, nutrition or science related to those raised in the application.

Thus, under no circumstances should you understand that with the use of the application you assume the role of patient, consultant, recipient of medical services and / or similar.

The use of this application does not eliminate the need for users to consult with doctors and nutritionists on a regular basis to verify their health conditions and other professionals in areas such as education, finance, economics, sports.

Obligations assumed by SAV SOLUTIONS.

SAV SOLUTIONS will advise on the personnel it deems pertinent to ensure that each of the advice offered through the application "I Am Alive" is not contrary to the health of the users. In any case, it is the responsibility of each user to verify their health condition and submit to the criterion of their personal physician or nutritionist or economist or teacher or professional of physical education (sport) or psychologist each of the advice received through the application .

SAV SOLUTIONS assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the application provides the minimum required operation so that the user can give the proposed use in the declaration of services offered.

SAV SOLUTIONS will provide the security measures it deems necessary for the "I Am Alive" application and the databases connected to it to have the minimum conditions required to prevent unauthorized access, loss of data, malfunctions, disclosure of private information and other related. In any case, we recommend you read carefully the section of Risks derived from the use of the application.

Rights of the users of the application.

The users have the following rights:

1. Use the application for exclusively personal purposes in the terms provided in this document and in accordance with the declaration of services offered.

2. Contact SAV Solutions through the email soporte@savsolutions.co to make known their requests, complaints, suggestions and claims.

Obligations of the users of the application.

Each of the users has the obligation to:

to. Become directly responsible for the implementation of each of the recommendations and challenges proposed through the "I'm Alive" application.

b. Constantly check your health status with a qualified medical professional once you start using the "I'm Alive" application.

c. Stop using the application "I Am Alive" definitively when using it, observe any adverse effect on your health no matter how small it may be.

d. Consult with the medical professional that you consider appropriate in case of any adverse effect you notice when using the "I Am Alive" application. SAV SOLUTIONS is not responsible for the use that users make of the application and / or for the omission of them in consulting qualified medical personnel when they have adverse effects on their health and fail to go to a health institution in search of services doctors

and. Comply with the rules established in these terms and conditions and those that are added at the time they are updated.

F. Place a secure key of at least 7 alphanumeric characters that match uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, and numbers.

Special prohibitions.

The users are specially forbidden:

1. Use the application if you are under 4 years of age.

2. Use the functions of telephone calls, video calls, messages to email or short messages or multimedia messages and other communication channels of "I Am Alive" for the purpose of expressing obscene comments that are contrary to morality and public order and / or that are aimed at marketing or promoting food products or any type and services of any kind.

3. Use the application to transfer, communicate, reproduce, make available and / or retransmit contents that are discriminatory, offensive, of sexual content, that incorporate minors and others that may affect, offend and / or assault the recipients of the content and / or to society.

4. Relate the application with websites that have as a direct or indirect object the commercialization or the facilitation of access to materials that are contrary or not to the current regulations.

5. Sell, share, copy, redistribute, resell, transfer, license and in general perform any act of exploitation or disposition of rights on the application "I Am Alive" without the express written authorization of SAV SOLUTIONS.

6. Use the application for the purpose of infringing the intellectual property of third parties.

7. Perform reverse engineering with respect to the application with the purpose of accessing its source code, except in cases in which the current regulations expressly allow it and even so, without being able to use the information accessed to make copies or derivative works.

Failure to comply with special obligations and prohibitions.

In the event that the user fails to comply with the obligations arising from the use of the "I Am Alive" application or incurs any of the special prohibitions, SAV SOLUTIONS may choose to carry out one or more of the following actions:

1. Cancel the user service account for the "I Am Alive" application and as a consequence of this, prohibit the use of the application permanently.

2. Suspend temporary or definitively the service and / or the technical support offered to the user.

3. Initiate the civil, criminal and administrative actions that correspond when at the discretion of SAV SOLUTIONS the violation of the terms and conditions provided in this document so warrant.

In the event that cancellation or suspension of a payment service for any of the reasons mentioned above, the affected user will not be entitled to a refund of their money and will be obligated to immediately pay the entire amount of the person in that payment. moment is due.

Costs for the use of the application.

"I'm Alive" is a paid application that has various payment functions. If you are interested in using our application and / or in knowing the plans and prices to do so, you can check them directly in the application or in the app store or send an email to vip@savsolutions.co and we will gladly assist you.

In the event that you represent a legal entity and are interested in taking a plan for the benefit of its affiliates, please send an email to vip@savsolutions.co and we will gladly assist you.

Risks derived from the use of the application.

to. To health.

The human body is prone to suffer different types of diseases and / or pathologies that may or may not be related to their diet, metabolic processes, hereditary diseases and other related or not; the introduction of changes in the way of feeding may slightly or severely affect your body, which is why it is recommended that before putting into practice the recommendations offered by SAV SOLUTIONS through the application "I am alive" or accepting the proposed challenges, visit your trusted doctor and seek advice from a nutritionist.

It is possible that when using the application "I Am Alive", you will be exposed to information, recommendations and / or challenges that due to your lack of knowledge in nutritional matters are strange or lead you to erroneous conclusions, for this reason it is recommended that you do not Put into practice any advice and do not accept any challenge if you do not have awareness and security of what you are doing. Always consult your doctor first, before making any decision based on information you do not understand.

SAV SOLUTIONS does not assume any type of responsibility for the health effects that may be generated as a result of the implementation of the recommendations offered through the "I Am Alive" application or the realization of the proposed challenges, for this reason it is It is important that before making any decision regarding their diet, they should be advised by their trusted medical staff, in the subjects of sports, economics, academic studies, feelings and emotions of trusted professionals in each area of ​​knowledge, thus corroborating the recommendations, challenges and other activities raised in the application "I'm Alive" and thus establish what you should do.

b. For the information and equipment through which you access the application.

Computer equipment, computer programs and telecommunications networks are prone to damage or breakdowns caused by constant use, lack of maintenance, electrical risk, the actions of unscrupulous people, signal losses that are directly attributable to Internet service providers and others that may cause catastrophic failures in the use of the application, the generation of content, the exchange of information and / or its storage.

SAV SOLUTIONS assumes no responsibility for the loss of information resulting from i) communication problems due to the user's data provider, ii) unauthorized access by third parties to the user's accounts when this or those lose their credentials. access or tolerate that third parties know them and iii) others that are related to the previous ones or that have no relationship with the aforementioned, are presented as a result of misuse, irresponsibility of users or are derived from fortuitous events or force majeure .

In case you have doubts about the implicit risks that arise from the use of the "I Am Alive" application, please send an email to soporte@savsolutions.co and we will gladly assist you. No medical consultations will be made through the mail and special advice will not be provided in any other areas of the application.

Risk mitigation measures deployed by SAV SOLUTIONS.

SAV SOLUTIONS will not issue advice or challenges through the application it considers together with its work team that may affect the health of the users; In any case, given that it is not possible to foresee the health effects that each council issued or each proposed challenge may cause, it is recommended not to put them into practice without first consulting with your own medical or professional staff from other areas of knowledge. they are addressed in the "I'm Alive" application; SAV SOLUTIONS is not responsible for the effects that may be caused in physical or mental, economic, academic, sports, emotional or emotional as a result of using the application "I'm Alive".

SAV SOLUTIONS constantly tests the service offered through the "I'm Alive" application to guarantee its availability and reliability.

In order to avoid that the implicit risks in the use of the application materialize on the equipment where the application has been installed, SAV SOLUTIONS is committed to working constantly to develop software updates seeking to adapt the operation of the "I Am Alive" application to solve possible programming errors that are found within a prudential term. Updates are mandatory for users. SAV SOLUTIONS may stop giving technical support to a version of the "I Am Alive" application when it is considered that due to the passage of time, the advance of the technology, the type of programming or the risk involved in the version, has become obsolete Updates and access to later versions of "I Am Alive" may have an additional cost that will be set by SAV SOLUTIONS when they are made available to the public.

Commitment to confidentiality and information security.

SAV SOLUTIONS will not use the personal data obtained from the users for purposes other than the processing that must be given in order to identify them and provide the advice and suggest the challenges that are considered appropriate. SAV SOLUTIONS will only tolerate access to the personal data stored to its legitimate owner or to the authorities when it is obliged to do so. SAV SOLUTIONS can send you emails with the purpose of promoting your products and services and / or those of third parties when you consider them to be of interest to you.

SAV SOLUTIONS will deploy all the means that are within its reach and that derive from the obligations provided in the law to try to protect the personal data and other information stored in its databases.

The personal data that SAV SOLUTIONS collects in the development of the provision of the service are subject to the policies of protection of personal data and you can access them by clicking here. In case you have a petition, complaint, claim or wish to exercise any of the rights that derive from the processing of personal data, please send an email to soporte@savsolutions.co.


SAV SOLUTIONS has arranged the security and storage measures that it considers necessary to grant a normal degree of availability of the application and of the databases to which it has access through the Internet connection.

However, given that all software and hardware infrastructure and products are prone to communication, design and operation failures, SAV SOLUTIONS does not assume responsibility for unexpected service cuts, loss of information due to lack of connection, changes in the local or remote database and others that relate to the level of availability of the application. SAV SOLUTIONS will do its best to counteract possible service failures and keep the application available at all times.


SAV SOLUTIONS reserves all the intellectual property rights that derive from the platform created that handles the global information, the developed application and the structure of the databases that have been and are created for the application.

In the event that SAV SOLUTIONS definitively transfers the ownership of the rights that correspond to it on the exploitation of the "I Am Alive" application, along with said transfer, all the rights and obligations that fall on this company that are derived from it are understood to be transferred. use made by the users of the application.


By using this application, you accept that SAV SOLUTIONS does not assume any type of contractual or extra contractual, civil, commercial or criminal liability for any health, economic, emotional, sentimental or academic affectation or any other arising from the use of the "I Am Alive" application and the technological platform, and also regarding failures in the availability of the service, loss of information due to misuse of the application, filtering of the information due to improper access by third parties that may arise from the exposure of the data of access by users or loss or loss of the computer where the access credentials to the application and other related ones were located. When using this application, the user declares to know the risks of using it, having consulted with medical personnel and professionals from other areas of knowledge that has endorsed the use of the "I Am Alive" application and his willingness to assume all risks without any restriction.

It should be noted that the "I Am Alive" application and technological platform can use pieces of software that use technologies related to the processing of language, signals, voice, images, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, IoT, in order to support your activities and thus achieve a better interaction with the user and without being responsible for the effects generated by the suggestions presented to the user by this type of technology and assumed as the absolute truth by the user of the application "I'm Alive" and the technological platform.


SAV SOLUTIONS reserves the right to modify or correct at any time these terms and conditions in whole or in part, without the need to request your prior consent and with the sole condition of reporting in a generic way the existence of changes in the terms and conditions once they are modified. Modifications to the terms and conditions become mandatory as soon as they are published by any means that users can access. Given the foregoing, users are obliged to periodically consult the terms and conditions to verify what changes may have occurred.

Likewise, SAV SOLUTIONS reserves the right to modify all or part of the platform, the application at any time, and may delete or add services without having to request any type of authorization from users; In case this happens, users will be forced to use the application in the terms in which it is developed or to cease the immediate use of the application.

Applied from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2018

Privacy Policy

Know how we handle the information you provide to the application

What information do we store?

The ESTOY VIVO application takes basic personal information such as full name, surnames, contact telephone numbers, telephone number to communicate in which case you report an emergency, language that you command so that a member who supports you communicates fluently with you, the nationality to which you belong so that you know about your customs and know how to deal with you, your email account that will be the base means you will use to communicate and identify with your support network as well as being your user to access the ESTOY LIVE application, the password you use to access the application (you must bear in mind that the password is non-transferable, it must be personal and unique, easy to remember and difficult to decipher, so we recommend using the Magic Keys application of SAV Solutions to generate your passwords).

In the same way we store your current situation, based on each of your states or aspects of your life, locally and shared with your support network.

How often do we store it?

1. The registration information is stored every time you enter it for the first time, modify it and touch the button Done, in the form that errands

2. The information of your situation change in each state is stored when selecting a facial expression in the reflection room, which is stored locally and remotely to inform your support network of your current situation.

What do we do with the stored information?

The information on the registration form is kept on your device so that you can modify it.

The information of your current situation such as the state, the status of your status and position (in case of sharing), is sent to the central server so that members of your support network know how you are and can support you.

Your duties or responsibilities.

Keep as your own the password that allows access to information about the aspects of your life and personal information. Remember that this password is non-transferable.
Change frequently the password that restricts access to the tool I'm Alive
Make backup copies of your applications using iTunes on a computer to avoid loss of information.