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    You can easily buy Visual Paradigm with us

    We are authorized to sell you Visual Paradigm, which allows you to receive guidance on the characteristics of the product and initiate a process that will allow you to obtain more money and may decrease the production costs of your products and services, in addition to reducing expenses associated with each project that you carry out.

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    Manage or you participate in teams on predictive projects

    With VISUAL PARADIGM you can organize all the documents corresponding to the administration of predictive, incremental or hybrid projects.

    With VISUAL PARADIGM you can keep connected the production area, the quality area, the portatolios management area, programs and projects with the business objectives whether you are the project sponsor, the client, the project manager, the manager of the product or the owner of the company.

    Organize the processes established in the methodologies proposed by the PMI according to the level of complexity of your project, follow up on each defined activity, follow up on the change management system, manage all the documents from the business case to the closing act of each phase or of the project in general.


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    Manage or you participate in teams in adaptive projects

    In a market with so many actors, products and services it is good to make the most agile movement possible to be active in the market, so that responding in the most appropriate and organized way, allows you to achieve the success you want, for this you must have the best tools, VISUAL PARADIGM brings you closer to the world to streamline the company you work for, now you can:

    Understand your client

    Adjust the product and services as the project progresses

    Make deliveries on time

    Bring an agile, clear and precise documentation of what you do, to avoid later problems.

    Integrate what you think, design and implement with the tools of creation of source code, to the documents of engineering and architecture, in an automatic and agile way.

    If you are in a company that makes software, VISUAL PARADIGM is great, if you are in another industry using VISUAL PARADIGM will be fabulous, in addition if you use this methodology called SCRUM to advance with your team and company, it will be a company and team all the more agile days.


    Do you want to test Visual Paradigm?.

    Download the software freely, you can use it for 30 days at its maximum potential, once finished the 30 days or sooner if you want it, you can contact us, we can gladly sell you the licenses of use..

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